Camaquito Children's Charity

Camaquito is an international, politically independent and non-denominational children’s aid organization that supports programs for children, teenagers and young adults between the ages of 18-25 in the areas of education, sports, culture, health and environment. Project work is focused in Camagüey province, located in the heart of Cuba.

Camaquito was founded in Switzerland in 2001, followed by Camaquito Germany (2003) and Camaquito Austria (2016). The organization is recognized as a public charity in all three countries.

Since 2003, Camaquito’s program office has been located in Camagüey, led by Swiss citizen Mark Kuster. He is supported in project development and implementation by skilled Cuban employees. In addition, a number of European volunteers donate their time to Camaquito’s efforts.

Camaquito’s spends a maximum of 15% of its total operating budget on administrative expenses. For every USD $100 the organization receives, at least $85 go directly to programs in Cuba.

Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito
Nidelbadstrasse 82
CH-8038 Zürich

Telefon +41 43 300 33 90
Fax +41 43 300 33 91
Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito Deutschland e.V.
Vorhoelzerstraße 19
D-81477 München

Stv. Vorstandsvorsitzender Mark Kuster
Telefon (WhatsApp) +41 79 409 55 18
Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito (Österreich)
Schwaighofenberg 17
AT-5301 Eugendorf

Vorstandsvorsitzender Herr Anton Stefan
Telefon +43 650 800 1 800
Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito
Nidelbadstrasse 82 · CH-8038 Zürich

+41 43 300 33 90
+41 43 300 33 91