Camaquito’s projects are concentrated in Camagüey Province, right in the heart of Cuba. There children and adolescents are supported in the fields of education, sport, culture and health. Camaquito has had its own local project office since 2003,

run by the charity’s founder, Mark Kuster.

Camaquito’s Programs

It is infrastructure projects that Camaquito in particular wants to support with your donations. In practice these funds are invested in buildings and renovation projects for schools, hospitals and water

projects (providing access to drinking water).  In addition we support Cubans’ sporting and cultural initiatives to help bring about lasting improvements in leisure activities.

We are convinced that what Cuba needs most is investment in infrastructure. The country has well trained specialists and has, since the start of the revolution,  also succeeded in providing universal access to education, as well as undertaking a

successful  campaign to combat illiteracy. However, Cuba’s economic situation has in recent years prevented the necessary renovation of all those social facilities which are of such importance for the further development of the country.

And this is exactly where Camaquito comes in.  It should be mentioned here that the Cuban state wants above all to preserve all the social achievements. This is why, in the implementation of its projects, Camaquito is supported by the state and the general public, and is assisted by Cuban specialists.



In Cuba Camaquito is based in Camagüey
Camaquito / Mark Kuster
Calle 1ra Paralela, Casa E, No. 1
entre 1ra y 2da
Reparto Julio Antonio Mella
70300 Camagüey / CUBA
Tel +53 32 27 01 57

Help too, so that the Cubans’ “joie de vivre” does not become a thing of the past!


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Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito
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