About Camaquito


Who is Camaquito?


Camaquito is a politically and religiously independent, international children’s charity founded in 2001 in Switzerland.  Camaquito in Germany was founded in 2003, in Spain in 2007. In all these countries Camaquito is classified as a recognized non-profit-making children’s charity.

The following are the current board members of Camaquito Switzerland:

  • Verena Maier, President
  • Mehmet Ertogrul, Vice-President
  • Stefan Schärer, Head of Finance

Mark Kuster, the founder, works as full-time Managing Director and is responsible for projects. He is financed by the support club
Villa Mariana. His assistant. Ms. Sibylle Pérez, works on a voluntary basis.


What does Camaquito do?

Camaquito provides support to children and adolescents in Cuba in the fields of education, sport, culture and health. The support is provided in response to specific needs and to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

Camaquito does not distribute money in the donee country, but instead performs direct work in identified projects.   On this basis, and thanks to generous donors, 1.5 million Swiss Franks have been invested in Cuba in the last years.


The Statutes of Camaquito Switzerland can be accessed as a PDF file here:


An order dtd. 21st February 2002 of the Canton Tax Office, Zurich, frees Camaquito from cantonal income tax, municipal tax, as well as Federal Direct Tax, since the organization pursues recognized charitable goals.
This means that, if your registered or residential address is in the Canton Zurich, your donation to Camaquito is generally tax deductible; if outside Canton Zurich, please consult  your local tax authority.


Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito
Nidelbadstrasse 82
CH-8038 Zürich

Telefon +41 43 300 33 90
Fax +41 43 300 33 91
Email info@camaquito.org
Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito Deutschland e.V.
Vorhoelzerstraße 19
D-81477 München

Stv. Vorstandsvorsitzender Mark Kuster
Telefon (WhatsApp) +41 79 409 55 18
Email info@camaquito.org
Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito (Österreich)
Schwaighofenberg 17
AT-5301 Eugendorf

Vorstandsvorsitzender Herr Anton Stefan
Telefon +43 650 800 1 800
Email astefan@camaquito.org
Kinderhilfsorganisation Camaquito
Nidelbadstrasse 82 · CH-8038 Zürich

+41 43 300 33 90
+41 43 300 33 91